I was inspired to create this blog base on the pain and event of the past, because i know my past doesn’t equate my future.
My mission is to be able to convey inspirational style,that would enable me stay true to myself using a minimal mode with a twist, and a vision to help anyone achieve long-awaited goals. To create a life they want for themselves. Shimalumière is not only focus on fashion, but also a fraction of some of our day-to-day life activities.It would involve a community of interested supportive women with expectations.I believe in the law of attraction, therefore no one should ever apologize for doing anything that puts a smile on another persons face.

If you love fashion and business, then you will feel right at home here. Fashion for me is what I describe as an unending journey, so long as “Innovation” is a word that still exist.

So,join me on a zesty trip.Hop on my gratifying Waggon for a ride and I promise, you’re dangerously in safe hands.(Grin) With that being said, please feel free to criticise. 

In conclusion, i am certainly ok without a cushion under hard truths that is because, i know that clarity necessitate greatness and honesty they say comes from love. 



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